I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, and an avid amateur photographer for over fifty years. In 2017, after retiring from a career in technology, I began roaming the world with my wife and partner of thirty-five years. Living primarily out of a pickup truck and popup camper, we enjoy discovering the "truth" that comes from direct contact with the land, its people, and their cultures. This mode of travel has become a way of life for us -- one which offers me near-daily opportunities to interpret the world through the lens of my camera. 

As a passionate nature photographer I am constantly on the lookout for what the late Galen Rowell called the "convergence of light and land" -- those special moments when the sun dips to the horizon and the forms of ridge and shadow conspire in harmony to construct a dramatic visual tableau. All photographers live for those "golden" moments, and in these cases the images practically create themselves.

As inspiring as those scenes are, far more often it is the chance encounter with something or someone interesting that sparks my creative fire: a crumbling doorway in a back-alley neighborhood of otherwise "boujee" San Miguel de Allende; an abandoned car inexplicably moldering in the forest in the Pacific Northwest; teenage Wayuu kite boarders in La Guajira, rising high above the water and into the ranks of the world's best. At these times I have few expectations for capturing a dramatic image, but when I do come away with a memorable photo, I gain a deeper appreciation for the world.

Travel Photographer of the year finalist 2021
Category: Green Planet

On these pages you will find a mixture of images and themes, from iconic and not-so-iconic landscapes to the unheralded beauty of forgotten urban corners, from vibrant cultural celebrations to quiet intimate portraits of the people we meet on the road. And yes, even a few "golden" moments. All of these memories are dear to me for allowing me to uniquely express myself with my art.

These photos may never mean as much to you as they do to me, but I offer them unapologetically for your viewing pleasure.

Driving the back roads in Meta department, Colombia
Exploring the back roads, Meta department, Colombia